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Arduino IDE 1.0.5

La version 1.0.5 de l’IDE vient de sortir. Il peut être téléchargé à l’adresse :

Les améliorations sont les suivantes :

ARDUINO 1.0.5 - 2013.05.15


* [avr] malloc bug: backported avr-libc 1.8.0 implementation
* [avr] removed deprecated interrupt handlers causing compiler issues
  with newer avr-gcc.
* [avr] added c_str() method to String
* [avr] Stream "_timeout" field and related methods are now protected


* Upgrades to WiFi library
* Fixed a bunch of examples
* Added Arduino Robot libraries
* Added TFT display library


* Upgrades to WiFi firmwares


* Backport from 1.5: install Library from .zip file or folder
* Updated windows drivers
* Added Windows installer
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